The memory in particular was one from a few days before his 13th birthday. He and his childhood friend Michael had just climbed the mountain all the way from town just to get to this spring. It was a 6 mile hike from Michael’s house on the edge of town, but it was the middle of the summer and the boys had nothing better to do. Once they had started swimming in the cold water, Michael quickly turned the subject to Ollie’s upcoming birthday,

“Aren’t you excited for your birthday Ollie?”

“I guess.” Ollie answered distantly, “It’s just another year.”

“What are you talking about, you’re turning 13. You can finally get you D.I.D.!” Michael answered enthusiastically.

“You’re right!” Ollie replied in an audibly excited tone, “But you know what today is?”

“What is it?” Michael asked quickly.

“The day we hiked to Silver Spring all the way from your house.”

As he said this, Ollie shoved Michael off the rock into the frigid water. The two splashed around and played for the rest of the afternoon.

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