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an Interactive Fiction by Nico Barton

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This is a story about a man who has grown tired of the intrusions of technology in every day life. On this particular day, Ollie Evans decides to venture out into the world. What follows, is a day that he would never forget.

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About me!

I am Nico Barton and I am a 3rd year Media Studies Major at UVA. Welcome to my home page. My interests include video games, video editing and production, music and art. After graduating, I plan on becoming a video editor for an Esports or regular sports team.

Favorite Games:

  1. Pokemon
  2. Zelda
  3. Animal Crossing
  4. Smash Bros
  5. Harry Potter 3 Specifically the PC one idk why. It isn't a good game

Things I Watch While Spiraling:

Chonk But Small Creatures I Would Put My Life Down For: